Special Offers

We are able to provide you with this Special Discounted Offer due to the fact that we have had overwhelming success in helping others. We look forward to serving you, your family, friends & co-workers!

1) Click on the "Web Wellness Certificate" below, then print it.

2) To schedule your appointment, call (562) 789-1999 and bring in your certificate.


Terms & Conditions:

Due to the Exceptional Offer of this Wellness Certificate, please read conditions carefully to avoid any misunderstandings

Consultation: Review of chief complaints and previous history.

Examination: Specific chiropractic/acupuncture diagnostic tests, orthopedic, neurologic tests (not invasive).

Digital Spinal Scan: Temperature scan & muscle tension scan to test nervous system (not invasive).

X-rays: taken if needed based on consult & exam results.

Report of Findings: Explanation of our findings, full color printout of digital spinal scan with customized information folder & discussion of all treatment options.

Massage: 15 minute massage to reduce muscle tension and stress.

We accept most health insurance plans; bring your health insurance card with you so benefits can be verified at time of visit.

This special offer is for new clients only, by appointment, and cannot be combined with other offers.

Certificate must be presented at time of first visit or your scheduled appointment will be charged at full price.

Only one certificate honored per client.

The services offered on this certificate are spread over two days. No other monies are owed by client, unless other treatment services, supplies or supports are purchased at client’s discretion.

Chiropractic/Acupuncture treatment not included with this discounted offer.

No refunds are available on this discounted offer.

Not valid for Medicare patients.

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